Here I have a bunch of drawings I did useing various computer programs like coreldraw (mostly) and photopaint, photoshop and lots more. I'll add things to this as I find them on backups or make new. :)
all pictures on this or any other page by me, are copywritten material, and cannot be reproduced without my express permission.
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a manga that oddly resembles my (now) ex-girlfriend... drawn entirely with coreldraw, 238 subpaths, 2,556 nodes, (reduced)

Coreldraw makes sampling from other artwork a snap. just snag whatcha need and paste it wherever you want it. this ones just me toying with lenses and textures, (reeal basic)

Heres a thing I made in corel to use as a sticker to cover over those pesky 'women/mens' room signs that restaurants put on the bathroom doors, why not add a little spice in some peoples lives, and let the aliens go pee too! :) (click on the image to load up a higher res (150k) image for nominal printability!)

Heres one that I did with coreldraw, photopaint and adobe photo shop. its an early (june-95)stage of my 'self portrait', and the girl I was dating at the time is the one clinging to me. I made t-shirts out of it, and sold a whole bunch of them.

This was a mix of tv capture, bitmap editing and vector texture manipulation, throwing in some text, and serve. (wink)

hehe, I know, I know, - cows dont have horns, but So what!

I could dedicate an entire page to this picture alone. oh the thousands of versions of this I have gone through! Basically, its a picture I drew on paper with colored pencils back in early 95, and scanned and edited 8 million times. coreltraced it, modified it, made a cool collage effct from it, and stayed with it after all this time. let me assure you, its not easy to change this and still make it match the rest. the same thing goes for adding something (or someone, see bove) and having it match the rest.. -its a trade secret-

Heres a doodle I tattooed on my leg a long time ago, well part of it, I havent done the lizards yet. or the gradient background for that matter, but whatever, I used coreldraw to recreate what I have got, and add the lizards and fill.

this is something I call 'album cover art', its a blindingly bussy arrangement of lots of little things, filling up ever neutral spot with anything possible to distract or entertain the eye. this ones low rez, but if you click on it, a higher resolution image will pop up and you can look at the details. (enjoy)

hehe, heres what I call a 'makeover of a terrorist', hehe. basically, I used to look alot like the one on the left, with all the metal in my face, but then I got a conservative job, and I look a bit more like the one on the right. no more metal in my face- but I still got that mischeivous glare. those fans of prodigy will recognise the style used here. (its deliberate)

ok, hrees an interesting pic of me.. whats so interesting? Im not really in this picture. I put myself there. if you knew me, you would say "jeesus Jonny, what the hell were you doing getting photographed with a big gawdy cellphone like that? hehe. the answer is simple, 'slash and stick' (I Love this stuff!)

ok, one last one, this ones a coreldraw doodle, using textures and gradient fills, but basically the picture itself is a parable to to the subtlties of firearms. think of it multifacetedly, if someone shoots themselves, who are they really trying to hurt? and if they point the gun at someone else, whos the one who gets punished in the end? ahh whatever. I think its funny.


Well kids, thats all for now. I've got hundreds more, but I'm tired of writing html. Check back once in a while. ya might find some new stuff :)

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