I originally put this page up, as a page to put all the pictures I might want to show friends, and as a host for them, when I wanted to access them from somewhere else.. but its slowly becomming a bit of a gallery, that more and more people are seeing, so I may as well tell a little story or something... I've never had any drawing classes, sure I took art in high school, but come on, who really paid attention in that class anyway? I just have allways been able to recreate things that I could get to stay still long enough. (wink) - so anyway, I have been steadily increasing my 'palette' so to speak, by buying more and more drawing supplies, and steadily exploring new (to me) methods of drawing stuff... so as is, I usually draw everything in pencils, Pentel mechanical pencils up the wazzoo, .3,.5,.7 and .9 mm sizes, (because they are so easy to keep sharp!) - a TON of Pentel hybrids, those gel roller pens are my personal fav. Ill never go back to a normal pens again. anyway, when I get to drawing something with pencils, and I need a nice rich black flood fill, I usually use a good ol' faber castell, one of those green ones with no eraser. hehe. 4-6B. or my new favorite, a General's Ebony/Layout pencil, No-555. I don't use much charcoal, (yet) but give me time. Wich brings me to pastels.. ahh pastels. I happened to buy a set of crummy ass 'Walnut Hollow' Oil pencils. and try as I might, I couldnt sharpen the damned things without losing a chunk of 'lead'. so even tho I loved the smooth rich color they produced, I hated to use them. till one day I discovered 'Berol Prismacolors' and there was much rejoicing. these things rule. but it wasnt enough, I had to pick up a set of real oil pastels, (the rectangular chunky variety), and I use them when I need some off the wall color, and cant get it with the oil pencils. I also got a basic little set of colored markers for the odd occasion that I need them.