My own little gallery, some from photos, some from movies, some blatant ripoffs of other peoples fan art.
Most of my drawings are drawn in my book, at 8.5x11" in size.
all the pics on this page were drawn primarily using pencils, and almost all of them are from photographs.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them.
all pictures on this or any other page by me, are copywritten material, and cannot be reproduced without my express permission.
Click here for a quaint little story about what I use to draw all these groovy little pix.

These drawings have been posted in the order I drew them. I do not draw very much, and these drawings were made over a long time span. - many years - If you look carefully, you can see how my talents have improved from one drawing to the next.

This is a pencil drawing of a Painting by Johnathan Muth, its nothing compared to the original.

A pencil sketch of my friend Natasha.

Natasha again, with a bit of color and her name in Japanese

Milla Javovich - what more can I say? Did most of this with a .5mm mechanical pencil.

Another Milla, some added color. just experimenting a little.

A pencil sketch of my friend Sarah, with a little color in the eyes for fun.

My third drawing of Milla, mechanical pencils and a 6B

One last drawing of Milla, but this one with pencils, ink, and watercolor,(because I didnt have any other Blue)

I found a photograph if this woman on the net, and I just Had to draw it.. I dont feel like I really did it justice, but I still like it a lot.

My friend Ami, whom I havent seen in a very long time, drawn with mechanical pencils and ebony no.555.

Here is one I drew of a random model I found on the net - no idea who it is.

Another anonymous model, this is one of my favorites - since I dont usually draw skin so dark, im happy with the result.

Another model, not quite finished, but when I dont finish it in the first sitting, I usually never go back.

I took a long break after that last one and for the past two years I haven't drawn a single thing. A few months back I finally found the time to draw this next one, and I've only recently been able to get it scanned and posted. I only get inspired to draw when I have a lot of time alone, and around here, that isn't very often.

Alyson Hannigan has the coolest face. I have a bunch of really great pics of her, and I intend to draw a few of them.

As of this update,(1/27/03) I have two more pics of Alyson done. I just need to get a scanner and get them posted.

Click here to see some other drawings I made with a variety of other tools. :)
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