Okay, here is a whole slew of 'japanime' style pictures. Most are styles snagged from videos, and some are just from other places I've seen on the net. I drew alot of these for the practice of it all, and I hope some day to be able to really create this kind of stuff on my own.
all pictures on this or any other page by me, are copywritten material, and cannot be reproduced without my express permission.
Click here for a quaint little story about what I use to draw all these groovy little pix.

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Basic fan art manga, made with Faber Castell 6B and Pentech Hybrid Gel Rollers

Inks, hybrids, pastels, oil pencils, and magic markers. - lots of work.

ugh, pastels, oil pencils, inks and stuff. I dont like it.

my first watercolor. experimental. 6B pencil for outlines, and Staedtler watercolors

practice fan-art piece, using pastels, oil pencils, and ink

my Second watercolor. I like it! I used 6B pencils, and Staedtler watercolors.

some cute little manga reproduction with a little modification, from inks, pastels, oil pencils and those cool silver and white hybrids.. I love those pens.

another manga repro, for practice, from an anime called 'kimagure orange road', which is a delightful little story about a guy whos in love with two girls. and tries to hide it, much to his chagrin, they are all telepaths and it all blows up in his face... oops!

another cool manga, inks, pastels, oil pencils and a watercolor garnish

this is one of my favorites, I did the whole thing with hybrids. (yeah, even the skin)

some bikini kill fans might recognise this from a free kitten poster or two, the rest of you are totally in the dark about it. the image on the right was a basic attempt at creating something on the fly.. just filling space really.

Click here to see some more pictures I've done using corel draw and other powerfull art software. :)
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