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"Tech Is The Vehicle That Carries The Truth To The

Ears Of Those Who Want To Hear It"

*Gratuitous self portrait*

 -=------Vital StatistiX------=-

Who ------------- Riker629@hotmail.com

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A.K.A. ----------- "JonnyPhenomenon" "Riker" and "Com[Plex"
Home(real life)- Lewiston, ME (USA)
Age --------------- old enough to know better
Gender ----------- Male
DimenTions----- 5'10" x 32"(waist) x 165 lbs
Appearance----- Tallish, thin and UNbreakable
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Eyes -------------- Mischievious
Hair--------------- None (preferred)
Apparel ---------- Loose jeans, T-shirts, chalk bag.
Likes --------- Art, Dancing, Rubik's Cubes, Puzzles, Secularism, Zen (yes)
DISlikes -------- Religious Oppression, uneducated "anarchists" who would rather do drugs and vandalize things than vote - deliberate stupidity - Oppression - Fascism - Neo-Troglodytes - Bigotry, Compromise, Conformity, Assimilation, Submission, Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Brutality, The Elite....

(All of which are American Dreams)

"Snatch back ya brain Zombie, snatch it back and Hold it"

"What is a CyberPunk without his Tech, without

his 'cyber'? - Just a Punk."

 "and the cheers of millions of sheep ensues"
"Come with me!"



Proud member of the 256k Simm Club

* 256k simm club *

Check out my own little image gallery, lots of stuff I drew with a large variety of mediums.
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"'Fool,' said my Muse, 'Look in these references, & write.'"
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Version: 3.1
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